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Disgusting habits

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Nov. 14th, 2006 | 02:33 pm
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So one of my LJ friends had the NERVE *jk :)* to ask about bad habits everyone has to put up with from their other half. I could write a novel. A horror/gore novel. Here's a sneek peak:

1. Gas, all day every day
2. Groaning when sitting, standing and the few times he actually bends over ot pick something up off the floor
3. Ball scratching
4. Using MY razor *vomit*
5. Leaving wet towels where ever
6. Putting dirty laundry on top of clean laundry
7. Leaving clean laundry on the floor, bed, dresser top, everyone EXCEPT where it belongs
8. Running the dryer 5 times before I get the stuff out and fold it
9. Running the washer and leaving it until I rerun it and change it 4 days later
10. Leaving candy wrappers where ever
11. Leaving empty cups, soda cans, bottles where ever
12. Not rinsing out dishes especially bowls full of whatever condiment he used to drown his food in
13. Bringing me dishes AFTER I'm done with the dishes
14. Ignoring the kids ALL DAY
15. Pissing on the toilet seat or...
16. Leaving the toilet seat up *seriously, I would rather have the seat left up then down with pee all over it*
17. Toe nail clippings by the KEYBOARD
18. Crumbs in the KEYBOARD
19. Bitching and moaning any time I ask you to do something for either me or the kids
20. Just breathing...

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